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Champigny Vert Contest (sept 27-28 2008)
: : : : Next week-end, a free contest for everybody takes place at Champigny (skate/roller/BMX) with prize money):
: : :
: : : Such a shame: I cannot come. I wish you all the best for this event, no injuries and good weather.
: :
: : Sorry I canīt come, because my arm is hurts but the next time i will go. I feel like to skate together in this ramp.Have a good one
: Oh no, noone else, please! I hope its OK!! At least Dr. told me knee is about healed now. Only 12 days easy total I needed rather then 4 weeks like he said before. In a couple weeks I can be back full sports w/ knee, not 6-8 like was written. hope hear good news on arm too. please post pics for us.

Take care and recover fast everybody!!
Weather forecast is still keeping good for next WE!!!! The bowl part is brand new and smooth... So if someone is still hesitating...


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