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i need to sk8... :`(
: : : : im thinking of rollin on the street. bone fragments in arm is dying now so surgery extremely likely next month again. why do they prolong this? my arm is totally frozen now and skinny as a dead person that starved to death. i figure if i smash it, no big deal, just get the surgery sooner and maybe a few minutes feeling good again. ive been broken 5 months. i dont have that much patience! i cant get anything done, just want to roll. is there a happy pill out there to satisfy me a bit? i might get my sk8s out....
: : :
: : : work on this idea... a bite activated airbag body suit. when you've got a working prototype, you'll have my blessing to go out and sk8...
: : : take it easy there, tex
: :
: : i dont understand why they didnt cut my leg up the first time if it meant i would be healed and now i have to wait another month? and he said eat more calcium and gain weight to help? so now what am i supposed to do w/ all this energy when i'm hyperactive already from eating too much? PT makes my knee ache so cant do much there so that means i'm bouncing off the walls craving excitment. my arm now makes my left arm now look like arnold schwartzenegar even though i know its really a skinny still and the skin is pealing like a snake, ewwww. i think its going to fall off soon lol. ive never seen such a skinny forearm!
: :
: : so what can i do for excitement? i need to play! ive got to get on the boring stationary bike so i stop karate kicking the air lol. irene come here and pick me up on ur motorcycle, jump a few logs or whatever, just dont crash lol. i wanna sk8. everyone else is but me and i have the most ants in my pants.
: keep your ants in your pants for a little longer, get well, then take your frustrations out at the sk8 park.
: put your pent up energy into your painting or some other
: safer activity, thats my prognosis anyhow.
: chin up, you will get through all this.
: cheers , h .
i will try to ride my stationary bike to chill and then maybe i can paint. it hurts to paint but the nurse said its not harming me. i want to ride a go-kart or something...
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