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Champigny pro/am 2008 report
Here is a small report of this cool WE (cross my fingers, the embedded stuff works first try):

End of september, last year there was a big event at Champigny, with nice demos in skateboading, rollerskating and BMX: this year was added a contest during the 2 days!!!!

Satuday stated cool and sunny, wake-up at 7, (temp was 7°C too), a bit warm up when I lost my visa, then I picked up Major, and by 9 we were at Champigny !!! Whith Guy THECLAN staff was ready: we set-up the juge tent, computers, clean and dry the ramp from last night dew!!!! and by 11-12, the ramp was ready for riding !!!!! Then the day passed too fast, competitors arrived, like Greg, Aurore, or Marc. For Rollerskating, the event was organized as a 2 jam sessions, pro and am together, the 2 first riders of each jam qualified, plus one session for qualifying 2 from the loosers for the sunday finals: so 6 riders were qualified for sunday. Was lucky to qualify ...
On saturday night the ramp was illuminated for free session and best tricks!!! It was really nice!!!! at 10pm the site closed!
Sunday was a bit cooler, sunny as possible, we arrived by 12 at Champigny. The timing was a bit tense, as all the comp had to be finished by 15h30 for the podium with officials....At 16h30 everything was done.

For rollerskates:
Qualif JAM sessions:
- 1st session : Taylor LATOUCHE, Grégory MAURY, Nicolas COLLIAUX, Kévin COSTABILE
- 2nd session : Aurore COSTABILE, Lucien ’LULU’ CAUSSE, Loďc ’ZORG’ MARTINEZ, Tony JACQUOT

JAM final :
- AMATEUR : 1st Tony JACQUOT, 2nd Loďc ZORG, 3rd Aurore COSTABILE
- EXPERT : 1st Gregory MAURY, 2nd Taylor LATOUCHE, 3rd Nicolas COLLIAUX

BEST TRIKS : Gregory MAURY,“ Fat Flat Spine 540°”.

A big thanks to the organizers:
-Nico and CG94
-Roller: PMG,

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