Vertical Rollerskating


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Robert (videos by Robert) (pictures by Robert)
Figured it out...finally.
Jay, that is awesome bro.

: OK, so here's another of my Fav's from this year's RC.
: Desi Jones,Duke Rennie,JayTheRollerSkater,Hollywood SK8 Park,Las Vegas NV
: That's Desi Jones closest to Camera. The Man in the middle is Duke Rennie & I'm the Cat farthest from the Camera. I've got video of this on my MySpace too. Super Fun times.
: Sorry about my multiple failed uploads.Think I've got it now.
: Let me know what you think of pics....
: Oh by the way: I actually did my 1st REAL Inverts EVER today! By real, I mean 1 handed. I've been doing 2 handers for over a decade, but never hit a real one til today. And I did 3 of them. Just to make sure...:) Just had to share that with you guys. Who else would care...LOL.....Take care all....
: Keep Rollin'.....
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