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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Tech issues
: Hi Bernard. Thanks. I figured way around it. I've heard of you. All Good. Thanks for the killer forum for us roller skaters. I never realized there was this many of us left! So Awesome. Thanks again.

It's really great to see all those roller skaters around. Back in 1999, I thought I was the only one left and that all the other roller skaters had switched to inlines or stopped alltogether. I am very happy to see you here on the forum! I'm also glad that you managed to show your pictures.

There is only one disadvantage to the way you are including your pictures. The forum automatically collects the pictures posted via the 'Image' field in an image index, where you can browse all the pictures posted by each paticipant. Currently, the forum only indexes pictures posted via the 'Image' field, not those linked in by including a URL to a photo web site.
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