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My new set up
: As many of you know, I have been trying to come up with some sort of plate set up. My plates are not designed for to incorporate double sliders so I thought of an idea and realized I think like Tim Altic. lol I mentioned a while back that I wanted to attach UHMW plastic to a jump bar to make it stronger and closer to the coping. Because I have no tools or talent, I went to a plastic Fab shop and had them cut and drill the plastic to my jump bar. I just got it back today and put them on. I have not skated on them yet, but am including pics.
With those plates, you can use Rollergirls grindbars, which are wider and stronger. Daniel uses this same Suregrip setup and had modified them the same way by attaching plastic over the bar. This setup has the bar set lower, closer to the floor and is more stable due to its width.
Glad you got something working for your skates.
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