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Skated today
Hi all,

I hope everyone is doing great! I took the last two weeks off because of my injury and another because of the flu. I recently found out what my reoccurring thigh problem has been. My chiropractor told me I have hip bursitis. Yes, it sounds like a grandma issue. lol It is basically an inflamation of the muscle. I looked it up online and it made a lot of sense. I had finally gotten over it and when I slammed, it acitivated it again.

The good news is that I got to skate today for 45 minutes with my new set up and I felt fine. They changed the hours at my park so I got there at the end of the session. It worked out fine because I was huffing and puffing like crazy. I think I am still a bit sick, but it felt great to roll.

I finally decided to get a jump bar/slider made by a fabrication shop for $42 and I think they did a great job. I have realized that rollerskate trucks are not a good fit for what we do. The king pin, unlike skateboard trucks, is at the same level as the axle or hangar. This means that everytime you grind, you wear away the kingpin.

It took me about five months to finally get this new setup and my next goal is to get an aluminum plate with skateboard trucks. I know a guy that can do it for me and just need your pics. I did go through the many posts of the last 4 years to get pictures and could use some more if you have any. I must say that my posts over the years have been quite funny. lol



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