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Road Trip
: Hey Rob....
: & Everybody else...
: I sure wish I could make that AZ trip with you, Rob. Next time for sure.
: As to the rest of you: we DEFINITELY need to make a RL get-together a reality.
: As most of you know I host the SK8 Park Tour portion of RollerCon. Next year'll be my 3rd year doing it. ROLLERSKATERS are always Welcome @ mi casa...1st come 1st served on a space availability basis. So get here early! LOL!
: Hope everbody had a great weekend. I did. Finally moved into our new house. YAY! And I got to SK8 today. Weather's finally starting to be Sane here in the desert. I SK8 when it's 115 anyway, but most people don't like it.....
: Have a GREAT Trip, Rob! Represent for the Quad Folk!!!
: Keep Rollin'.....
: PEACE......
: : Hello my friends,
: :
: : I am very stoked to say that next friday I will fly out to Arizona to meet up with about 100 people from my skateboard forum for a four day skatefest.
: :
: : Although, I am the only rollerskater, the people are extremely cool and I have several people taking me under their wing to give me rides to so many parks. These guys and gals are crazy! We are going to hit at least five huge skateparks and a couple backyard ramps while I am there. Lots of bands and beers and possibly backyard pools.
: :
: : I wish that my fellow brothers and sisters of vert rollerskating could join me. There is no doubt that the people on this forum are my family and I am stoked to be part of this forum.
: :
: : I truly wish that we could all meet up one day. I definitely think the folks in the U.S. should get together soon. I would love to meet Irene and Claudine, and skate again with Duke, Desi, Jay, Lee, and maybe Fred Blood. Oh, and Tim who is the biggest legend here in the U.S.
: :
: : I have to admit that it is hard to meet up, but we all have to make it happen one day. Even if it is geographical. You European skaters seem to hook up and we have our awesome OZ folks. By the way, Bill has already hurt his shoulder and he is having a great time. lol Let's get the west coast and east coast together for a weekend and have some fun.
: :
: : Rob
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