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yep, GOOD news!
thanks guys! sure makes me happy. cant wait til the day i can put on my sk8s again!!!!!! 2 arms, so cool. :-D

: : second that,,good stuff.
: :
: : cheers joe
: :
: : : Awesome!
: : :
: : : : ok my hip is healing well so now i can leave my apt. :-D he cut off the top of my hip and emptied out the inside since my hip bones stick out so i could wear a bikini w/out looking deformed lol.
: : : :
: : : : the arm, get the cast below the elbow and start PT for elbow the 12th. the 29th i get in a brace. i have a stimulator wh/ you can see. its a rod w/ a wire and the stimulator looks like a mini ipod thingy. it sticks up in my arm like a battery pack. that will be taken out later. it pretty freaky to touch it. my dr. is happy and positive now w/ this surgery. just will have a long road to deal w/ stiffness. but arm should take 6 weeks or so to heal. WOO-HOO! hope i didnt scream too loud. ;-D
: im glad to hear that things are finally starting to go your way. keep up the + attitude.
: my arm seems to have come good as well.
: cheers, h .
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