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im lookin hot!
Great news Claudia. Start putting some meat on those bones. You will be skating soon, but please take it slow. There is nothing wrong with carving the bowls and not doing any tricks. I have been taking it extremely slow and it sucks, but I get exercise and skate. I was about to start skating again, but am in the process of losing my job so I think I may have to play it safe for a while. I still have another ten years to get my tricks back and that is cool with me. It's not about what you do and only about doing it.

: the best news ever! my arm is healing, its gonna be OK! i am in short cast 2 weeks, then brace. PT, actually called OT (?) isnt bad as the bone is there but not hard outter edges so easy stretching.
: dr. said no rollersk8n, snowboarding, unicycling, skateboarding or longboarding. poor me. but my hip is healed so i can jump! good thing since i was jumpin up and down in the office and dr. could hear my voice all the way in another room when i saw lots of new bone. i can put weights on legs for knee exercises and stationary bike. im still jumpin and skipping around!!
: the good days will soon be rolling!!!!!!!!! i hope my happy screams werent too loud. arm is skinnier then pic, but soon muscle will come back. i tried to do a thumbs up and thats as straight as it goes but give me time. thumb's coming up 4 sure! elbow looks hot to me. lol. :-D
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