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NEW SK8PARK meeting
: Great!!!!! very good news for your arm and Barcelona!!!!
: 19-21 is too early for me, but have fun!!! I will be close to Barcelona (Calella de Palafrugell) a bit later, the week around 1st january. I will try to test that park!!!!!!! BTW, where is it in Barcelona?
: Cheers!!!
: : sounds great! u hurt ur arm? hope not bad. hope its ok. tomorrow i get news, hope its good this time.
: :
: : : Hi guys...
: : : My arn it's better,it isn't perfect but i skate a litle, and the next weekend: December 19, to December 21.
: : : The new indoor sk8park in Barcelona (Spain) it is open. This sk8park it has a vert halfpipe 3.5m to hight whith a small extension about 4 metres. And street circuit.
: : : Some vert riders we will go to Barcelona. somebody want skate whith (Nelo,Lola,Nel Martin,Ricar Ortega, me and other vert riders)?
: : : See you on verts. Have a good one.


I hope see you in the next time, the sk8park it's in Granollers near to Bacerlona. When i know the direction exacly, i write you ok? hugs

Claudine i hope that your arm is be better soon. in doctor we trust, jeje

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