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the film
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: : WOW! That was AWESOME! Thanks for sharing. All you guys have MAD video editing skills/software! I'm going to have to step it up here soon....
: : I'm working on my synopsis of skating with Irene, Duke, Desi, Lee & myself from last week. It was a blast. So, SO Much Fun!
: : As soon as I get all the photos & videos uploaded so I can embed them, I'll send it along for you guys.
: : Hopefully by end of the week....
: : Jay
: Oh wow, YIPPEE, I cant wait lol!! Hey life is getting better all the time. :-D
: Thanx Jay, ur a rad dude! Glad u had tons of fun.

KICK ASS video, not to mention the skating....I like all the air shots.
It's raining cats and dogs here in San Diego. I thought it never rains in California? Got to skate Clairemont's vert yesterday before the rains came and rode with Rich Lopez, a ripping skateboarder from back east New Jersey. Hope to hang out with his identical twin brother, Sanford later tonite. He rips, too. I'm sad to have missed Encinitas today. Weather will be good for flying back tomorrow ;-(
I know Jay will take care of the full's been a fantastic time. Thanks for everything...XOXOXO
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