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Irene's Visit..Photos & Videos Too
hahahaha, Jay, u and ur wife are the (wo)man! I'm in love with all the photos and videos. man im stoked just seeing them all! I cant wait to sk8 and wont hold back to my Olive Oil style of spazzy arms lol. Thats so freakin fun being outta control! The big bowl even now looks scary as that reminds me of the one I broke my arm in. But it wasnt the bowls fault, I was trying to carve the rim and do tricks and that was dumb. So now I know what not to do. Shoot, I will be back ripping the bowls safely by May it seems from reading when my arm will return to full strength. But these vids/pics still get me excited like mad! wow, awesome. u seriously made my week!

btw, I can see u improving! really u are really ripping strong. Irene is so amazing! everytime i see her rip I get psyched up to sk8. hahaha, shes so cool...... :-D and all the rest of the legends, I agree it would have been the highlight of my life too.
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