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Nelo (pictures by Nelo)
Spanish Vert rollerskaters

The pool is still open but it's a little bit spoilt.
One of the spanish rollerskaters who went to Karlsruhe, Gerardo Caņizares (a side stance skater)is still skating whith us in the indoor. I send you a pic of when we were buliding itwith our hands and design. It was a year ago. It seems to be a mess, but you will see the final ramp is good.

: Hi Nelo,
: great to hear something from Spain. More than 10 years ago, there were quite some spanisch roller skaters participating in the Green Ramp Jam in Karlsruhe (most notably Marcos Longares).
: : Soon I will send you some pictures of my friends and I skating our indoor vert ramp in Madrid. Rollerskating is still alive round here.
: I'm looking forward to those pics! Is the pool in Madrid still there?
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