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ufra (videos by ufra)
Ufra's Video
: : : Very nice, but why does he go sideways? LOL... sorry, it's a sick sort of revenge for all the times I've been asked this.
: :
: : Reminds me of little kids asking me why I don't skate inlines. I also got my revenge by answering that my walking ability was impaired and the doctor therefore prescribed training wheels. And that I hoped that soon I will be able to walk again without training wheels and afterwards I might be able to take up inlines ...
: i just get asked when im getting REAL sk8s, grrrrr.....
: or when i will get aggressive sk8s. now i can show my scars as i think mine qualify as more then aggressive lol.

Hi, guys.
I started to skate in side stance this summer and even though I have problems with my wrist, I've been able to make this video and now I can skate switching styles. But I want to be able to skate only side stance, because I like it better.
Itīs been great reading all your thoughts guys!, keeps me going, Iīll keep in touch, have a good one!.
Next time we see each other, I`m really looking forward to achieve skating only side stance as I mentioned.
By the way happy new year!.
P.D.: kids also tell me I look like a crab! lol!.
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