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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Lee's Visit Pictures & Videos

Hello Family & Happy New Year!
I'm continuing what I hope will become standard practice for us all,documenting any time more than one of us are actually together.
Hell, I'd love to see pictures, videos, whatever, from any decent session any of you have. Even if you have to set-up the camera on auto, cuz you're there alone skating!
But, I digress.
Lee's still here in Vegas with us. I'm sorry to say he's not feeling well this evening & is sleeping downstairs as I write this. I hope he feels better soon. I'm sure he will. He's made of Tough Stuff. He's a Marine. And he's a Vertical Rollerskater!
So, here's the deal. Lee arrived Monday Evening too late to skate anywhere for old guys (me) who have to work @ 5 am the next day. Speaking of "Old Guys"; Tuesday night is a standing "Old Man Night" @ Area 702 Vertical Facility & I thought Lee & I would blend right in. Besides, it's a 3 hour session for only $5. Lee & I arrived about 20 minutes ito the "Old Man" session @ 6:20. Fashionably Late.
It was kind of a big deal to me for a couple of reasons: 1: Lee's in town & we're getting to Skate Vert!
2.It's my first time skating my Brand-New Skates & Set-Up. So I was a little nervous. The new skates have MUCH wider Trucks than I'm used to, so I wasn't sure what to expect.
I'm riding these skates totally as they come from

with just Abec-9 bearings & they actually didn't come with the jump-bars in picture on their web-site. But I would've taken them off anyway, I think.
Anyway, we went over to the bowl where after Lee's initial run I felt inspired to try dropping in with my new skates. It worked! I got plate stalls & plate slides in that 1st run & was STOKED!
Lee, being a side-surfer, had MUCH BETTER lines in the bowl than I did, so here are some pictures & viddeos of Lee in the 702 Bowl:

Lee Ettinger

Lee Ettinger

Then it was time to Skate some VERT!!!
We started pumping on the bottom of the vert ramp side-by-side about 10 feet apart from each other. I was pleasantly surprised not to immmediately fall on my ass & in fact by my 4th wall I was at the lip of the 11 foot vert ramp & actually felt I could've stalled it, but refrained.
After a tentative feeler run. I knew these new skates were working.
Here is a video of me:

And here's a pic of Lee Front-Side on the Vert:

Lee Ettinger

Then we hit the Mini-Ramp for a few. Here's Lee:

Lee Ettinger

Lee Ettinger

We skated the Vert for the rest of the session & went home tired & pleased Old Men.

Wednesday was New Year's Eve AND my Wedding Anniversary. Dawnie was gracious & cool enough to Volunteer to be our Designated Driver & Lee & I intended to take advantage. I'll spare you the drinking details but there was enough. Here's a pic of the 3 of us @ Fremont Street beneath the largest TV in the World, where we celebrated New Year's.

Lee Ettinger,Dawn Cloetens,JayTheRollerSkater

Believe it or not, on the 1st, after a full night of drinking Lee & I were ready for more & headed out to the Spine ramp I took Irene to earlier in December.
Here are some shots & a video of Lee on this super fun mini-spine ramp:

Lee Ettinger

Lee Ettinger

Lee Ettinger

One video shot by Lee OF me where I transfer into the ramp from a small 1/4 pipe next to ramp out of frame:

And One Video shot BY me of a small run I took with camera in my hand. Note the last time I cross the Spine where I get my SK8s into frame. I LOVE that! Hope you guys do too.

And, today I had to work again & Lee entertained himself on the Fabulous Las Vegas Strip. So here I sit sharing with you guys. So, hope you liked it.
I want to see more stuff from the rest of you guys. I know you're out there quietly destroying your local parks! Share, People!!!
PEACE from Sin City...
Keep Rollin' in 2009!!!!!

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