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I need help/advice too lol
: Sorry guys, its wrist guards again.
: I got the flexmeters. I had to go a size up since the small size hurt putting on. Esp. my skinny broken arm. So if I sprain them, know they cant hurt taking off.
: But these are still uncomfy. They are very well made guards. Perfect for some but I am not sure they will work for me. They are wide in the hand so I can twist my wrist. They are uncomfy since the palm area is not cocked back enough. The clip by the wrist sort of doesnt clasp enough. Probably since they are too large in the hands. I cant rotate the arm well since it takes 2/3rds of forearm and I will fall sideways on arm. Then the guard goes into my forearm.
: They do flex. Also my elbow pads go on top of the beginning of the wrist guards so it pushes them. I dont think this will work. Return them and get PD and thick elbow pads? I guess I lost money here with shipping and these are well made but I think they dont fit right for me. Opinions? There is a limit on return time. Please help!

Hey Claudine,
Not sure, given your injury, what "The Best" wristguards actually are for YOU, but these Harbingers have worked well for me for over 10 years now.
Bear in mind that I broke my left wrist twice & right once prior to getting the Harbingers. And the 2nd time on my left & only (hopefully) time on my right I was wearing wristguards. And they still snapped.
But since Harbingers, no more broken wrists. :)
Check 'em out.....

Jay's Wristguards 1

Here's one where you can see the leather wrist wrap, which I LOVE. It gives you strength & some rigidity without total loss of mobility.

Jay's Wristguards 2

And one more with my hand in it...

Jay's Wristguard 3

That Plastic insert came with my original set of harbinger guards. My latest set, & I've only used 2 in 10+ years now, came with smaller ones. I like the WIDE palm cover which disperses the impact over a larger area thus lessening the jar on old bones.
Let me know what you think. I can find where I ordered last set couple years back if you're interested....
Glad you got out doing stuff, but please be careful!!!
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