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Wow, so I started the whole physical distruction of all the rollerskaters here? I'm so sorry! :-O So does that mean when I start skating again everyone will stop hurting themselves too lol? I hope so! I hope u 2 heal well. I start in 1 month. The good part about this is that I will experience so much more joy now getting back into it! I will love it even more so, more then anyone can imagine. I cant wait!! I feel like I died and got a 2nd chance now to really live it up! :-D hehehe! I feel like a kid again.

: : : : : Hi crew, the last friday i broke my shoulder and I
: : : : : can not practice skate for fifteen days, For now. I need wood vert ramp. jeje, the concrete it's killing me. Have a good one...
: : : :
: : : : Sorry to hear about the Shoulder. :(.... Heal Well & Fast.
: : : :
: : : Jay...
: : :
: : :
: : :
: : :
: : : not good at all, dont eat too much while your down.
: : : keep your spirits up and recover fast.
: : : i know how you must be feeling.
: : : im happy for you too claudine, however, please excercise restraint.
: : : cheers , h .
: :
: : I will.....Im a 16 yr old (mentally) senior citizen (physically) now. I get to ride my bike in 2 days but it will be on a flat car free parking lot. Wont do it if I cant move my bike to my car with one arm. I might need cortisone for the ligament in my elbow. Its so sore I cant do the stretches bending it so not making improvements on mobility. I still cant bend it enough to talk on the phone even. I am trying aspercreme for the pain as recommended by senior citizen friends. I cannot rest it unless I want a frozen elbow forever. I know cortisone is really bad but dont know what else I can do as resting it is causing it to stiffen. The pain pills I have dont help tendonitis or ligamentitis of whatever it is lol.
: :
: : So dont immobilize too long, move the joint if you can, trust me!!!!
: Hey guys, I`m writting on behalf of my man here on my right, reading as I write. Quite an experience having to watch your body slowly recuperating, in my case my knee as I had a little encounter with ice on my motorcicle so we are now oficialy the perfect couple lol, together for the good and bad, lol. But hey, I think skating is sometimes like sex, adrenaline rolls though your body and if you leave it for a while when you get it again itīs even better jeje!!. That always keeps our hopes up.
: Irene: let us know how did it go on your ski trip.
: lotīs of love from both of us.
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