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Truck Grind Progress...or lack thereof.

Hey All. Well after Buba's photos, I'm embarrassed to even show this but I know a couple of you asked me for it so here's installment one of my limited progress on truck grinds.
I continue to have difficulty arresting my rotation to only 90 degrees. My body wants to turn 180. So far, I've only been able to get 1 skate on the coping with the other skate rolling on the platform. Not REALLY grinding, but I'm getting the feeling of my trucks on the coping. Which is ALOT different feeleing than my ghetto grind "plates" I made for my old skates. So anyway, without further excuses here are a couple of video clips from last weekend of me trying.

This is about a 4 foot tall 1/4 pipe I'm trying the grinds on:

Here's me trying it on a 7 foot tall 1/4 pipe on the other side of the park:

And here I make it on the 7 foot:

Now, ANY advice, observations etc. is not only welcome, it's invited. I'm having a hard time getting this heel-toe thing to happen with my feet! My feet LIKE being Parallel!! No offense to my side-surfing friends intended, of course!
OK. Sorry, I suck. But you guys wanted to see the "process". So, there it is.
Help. Must Grind with both skates before RollerCon!!!!!
Which reminds me: Who's coming to Vegas July 29 through August 2, 2009 for RollerCon???? I'll be hosting the skatepark tour for the 3rd consecutive year & this year we even have an indoor park for all the noninitiated to Vegas in Summer. It's going to be AWESOME!!!!!

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