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Got pads, funny pic
No tricks for awhile! I'm scared. I'm going to learn the basics really really really well and just carve until I master it. My elbow is still stiff from being immobilized so they may have to do surgery on that to losen up the scar tissue. And I think I want the screws out too. So nothing big will happen til I know everything is fine and is done. I guess I will have to take another 2 months off after they take the screws out but I can feel them tug at times and think they will bother me later on. I am happy to be getting back to rolling again. In 2 weeks I can roll at the rink!!! :-D I guess it will take a year to get back to where I was on less then a year into this sport, but I will be more sure on my skates.

: Claudine, nice to see you are almost back in action. I suggest you take it slow and do a lot of carving.
: : He joked and said I'm michellen girl lol. Hey better then being too old or broken!!!! It was a pic in my bathroom in the dark. In 2 months I will get pics of me with my super bionic popeye arms in action.
: :
: : : That is awesome to hear! Try to get a better pic up if you can.
: : :
: : : Biff
: : :
: : : : Wild Bill does an incredible job! I will need small alterations in the elbows and they need to break in some so they wrap around my arm lol. But now everyone can tease me for having knee pads on my elbows and helmets on my knees. I maybe small but come skate time my limbs will look like they are on steroids! My arms look bigger then my legs hahaha!
: : : :
: : : : Also, the wrist guards are by far the best out there!!!! I'm very happy!
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