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Sending Love Down Under.....
: Hey Jay,thanx man we apreciate the luv.Me and my heard were pretty safe,about 4 houses lost 300 metres away from our house,thats the closest it got and Ludi was'nt anyware near the fires.One of our regular skate crew's(big Daz) brother lost literaly everything he owned(house,cars,photos) bar the clothes on his back and the quad bike he escaped on.They are still finding victims,alone,families in cars and even huddled in sheds and the body count so far is nearing 200 so there may be more peolpe we know that have been hit by this tragedy.
: It apears that the fires were purposly lit by,,I'm literaly stuck for words as to what to call these cunts.
: I'm skating with Ludi and hopefuly big Daz tonight so I'll keep you posted.,the skate crew are donating gear to be auctioned to raise money for those that have been hardest struck.
: Thanx again for your thoughts dood.
: cheers joe

So Glad to hear you guys are alright. Sucks about Daz's brother losing all his stuff, but it's just stuff. You can replace stuff. You can't replace people.
As to the "people" responsible cunts is as good a word as any, Bro. I hope you guys have some biblical-style judicial system down there. Seriously.
Anyway, hope the session was raging AND cathartic. Best wishes to all !!
: : Hey Everybody.
: : I'm sending much love & my very best wishes to Joe & Ludi & all their families & friends in Oz....
: : Those fires look absolutely terrifying. I hope you guys are well & alright. Please let us know you're ok asap. Though I certainly understand you'd both have more pressing issues than the vert forum at the moment.
: : Let me know if there's anything I can do from here stateside, Boys. I mean it.
: : Joe, H., take care, Brothers.
: : PEACE & MUCH LOVE............Jay
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