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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)

Hi Lee

> grind king is at

I know, and the shortest truck I could find was the GK-6 with 4.25.

> couldnt find the 3 inchers on the web, I actually saw them in a sk8t
> shop

Grindking might, just like like Gullwing, offer custom versions for
some of their trucks.
But "both Tracker and Grindking make a 3 inch truck" in response to my
post about the custom Gullwings very much sounded like both Tracker
and Grindking offer 3 inch trucks as regular products, but that might
have been a misunderstanding.

If you ever discover a source offering those trucks you saw in the
skate shop, drop me a line or post the data here.
Thanks in advance :)

> my trucks are tracker and just a little longer than 3 inches i
> think?

If I remember correctly you told me that they are Tracker Racetrack
106mm. Those are 4 3/16 (hanger 4 3/16 axle 6 7/8) as far as I

Regarding regularly available trucks, it seems the shortest are

Tracker: Freestyle or Racetrack-S
hanger 3 3/8 (8.57 cm)
axle 6 (15.24 cm)

At least that's what I had in trucks.txt;
I don't have the trucks, so I can't confirm the data.

I mounted my Gullwing three inchers on testing/prototype plates
(aircraft plywood), and they seem to be just what I need:
Low, light (not *really* light, but partly hollowed out base), short
(narrow), and grindable (the kingpin is lower than the edge of the hanger).

Does anyone know where I could get metal wood laminate?
It should be around five to seven or eight millimeters thick, have a
core of aircraft plywood (two plies per millimeter), and outer plies
of strong aluminum, titanium, or spring steel.


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