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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
having fun lol!
Hey, thanks Zorg, you are right. I am doing sidestance with legs closer together now for some reason. I am getting more comfy now on the skates. I was zooming around fast then going into sidestance and seeing how many times around the artsy circles I could go lol. It was fun!! Anyway, I took my old art skates just for fun to see the difference too. I find my art plates hold sidestance much easier then my plastic skins plates. Its hard to go straight sideways on the plastic plates. I dont like my art skates anymore so I want to sell them. But I'm wondering if one day I should get a metal plate since I think they make skating less work or hold onto those plates at least (art plates are also less stable tho). Those skates I set up go fast though and are stable! Sidestance is kinda fun. Just seems to take more work with plastic plates.

I should get a video cause when I go around fast in circles, it looks like I'm swinging my left arm like a cowboy hahahahaha.
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