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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
lit up ditch tonight for first time
: : : : hope this picture of the ditch tonight makes it through.
: : : : here we go! fingers crossed.
: : : :
: : : : me on four wheels!!
: : : :
: : :
: : : now that we know it works, check this out!!
: : : this is my birthday cake from last december that my daughter made.
: : :
: : : and here's my skate:
: : :
: : :
: :
: : Awesome Cake, Ludi! Your daughter's got some skills! Nice Ditch & Killer Skates! I'm jealous that you & Joe get to skate together all the time! No, seriously, enjoy your sessions. I'm just used to skating by myself. Today I literally did. Beautiful day,but no groms at the skate park! Just one old dude. On rollerskates.
: : Have a great weekend, All!!!!
: : PEACE....Jay
: :
: Hey Jay, Hows the grinding coming along? If you havent gotten it yet, I'll race you in who learns first, you grinding, me unicycling! I think I will have it in 3 more weeks. :-D
: Hope the baby is doing well too!! Take care!!

Hey Claudine!
So stoked your getting out & skating again. But pace yourself.
I actually got both skates onto a couple of micro-grinds today, but I wouldn't really count them yet. I'm VERY apprehensive about getting that 2nd inside/platform skate (my left) onto the coping & usually run out of coping just about when I work up the.....nerve to put left skate on.
The baby's fine so far. Still in Dawnie's tummy! Until the 24th of April, we're told. She's getting pretty big (for her) & goes in for final uktrasound on March 2. He'll be pretty big by then so we're anxious to see those ultrasound pictures.
Be careful on that unicycle, Girl!!! That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen to me! One wheel!!! I LIKE all 8 of mine, thank you!!However Duke & his boy Chris are both quite proficient on the careful.
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