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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Jay, did I win?
: You can teach an old doggy new tricks. :-D I finally learned how to ride a unicycle today! I rode it on my own for 20-25 feet today. I wiggle for sideway balance and flail my arms and its a lot of goofy fun lol! Or did you beat me with the grinds? ;-D

Hey Claudine.....I'm gonna go ahead & give it to you, Girl. You're learning a brand-new skill AND coming back from a major injury. I'm just trying to learn a new trick on skates I'm not totally used to yet.
Congrats to you on the unicycle. I did get a couple of video clips of me today getting (& just for you, failing!) into a couple grind variations.....
I'll post in a new thread......
Keep it up. Wear ALL your Pads. You'll note I'm wearing ALL mine in videos.....
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