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No, nothing to do with payments. Its confusing but I'm going to speak to a lawyer about this. I hope to get the surgery after next week. I'm praying they can fit me in before they cancel me. I will not be able to get the surgery for my elbow contracture now as that takes 3 months of PT after that so must live with my movement limitations. I am earning pennies now so I cant afford a $5k surgery as I am earning barely over min. wage right now. I will try to get a job with medical this summer. I love my job but not sure if they will give me medical, one with no pre-existing conditions. I dont like our country. Obama, do your job!!

: I'm really sorry. Did you fall behind on a payment or something? What is their reason for canceling?
: I'd suggest that if they do not cover the stimulator, work out a payment plan with the doctor and still get it done. I don't know if you could get it, but when I went in for my knee, I applied for "CareCredit". It is a credit card that is solely meant for medical expenses. There is no interest at all if you can pay it back within a year. After that, it will start accruing interest. It is also good for dentists and for vets.
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