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Glad to hear you are OK! Yeah, be careful lol. I am not back to vert Biff. I am not sure when as I cant now without medical but I hope so soon!! Dr. said no skating outside yet but will this weekend as I cant afford the rink.

: Yay!! The ranks are growing again!! You are back, Claudine is skating again, and I'm now walking again. Soon, I'll join you all back on skates. Congrats on your recovery, Ufra!
: Cheers!
: Biff
: : Hi crew!
: : 3 months after, but this is a reallity. This last weekend, I started to skateand the sensations itīs so very good, because my shoulder it doesnīt pain a lot.But the doctor recomended: BE CAREFULL, please,hehehe.
: : Claudine i hope that recover you soon. Hugs, have a good one.
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