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I'll have to check out more youtube but they dont teach you how to adjust deraillers from scratch and stuff like that from what I've seen so far. When you re place the cable, find the extremes, then fine tune it. I kinda need to learn this hands on as its also by feel. I'm digging it! I hope they give me medical, full time and promote me. I know I'll have to get a job in my field soon but I'm loving this one.

Glad its all over. My pains are mostly just from some muscle tears. Not bad. I'm waiting to hear from my Dr. if I have limits starting tomorrow.

: Just one more voice here saying YAY for you!
: Btw, there are tons of videos on youtube to teach one how to work on bikes if you ever need it. I'm sure they have them on other sites as well. We went to a bike shop here in Austin that takes bikes as donations to help others build their own bikes cheaply! Another here in town does bike part swaps. Yellow Bike Project and Frankenbike respectively. Maybe they have something like that in your area?
: Cheers on the arm!
: Biff
: : : : Surgery set for 9:15am, all pre op is done. No letter yet for insurance to cancel so all is on the go!! Cant wait for the stimulator to be out. :-D
: : :
: : : Good Luck, Claudine!!!!! We're all sending positive roller vibes @ ya! Get well soon.....
: : : PEACE....Jay
: :
: : Jay youre such an awesome guy!! I hope its easy as they are only taking the stimulator out. I should be fine by the next day. Hope so because on Friday I get to build my first bike!! :-D I am trying to be a bike mechanic lol. I love building things!! I think they will give me insurance this summer too so hopefully then I can roll a few ramps again. :-D
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