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He did some INCREDIBLE miller flips and layback airs if I say so myself!! :-D Check his videos!! I think I'm the only newbie here. Everyone here has some good history!

: Your "old flips and layback airs"?! Did I miss some really awesome footage? Are you a born again vert skater that used to rip in his youth??? I must confess ignorance in my knowledge of your previous skating history. I am not worthy!!
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: : Thanks for the suggestion. I am starting to do some frontside carving because it is necessary to get a line at the one park. I am not too anxious to do two foot grinds. I think the risk outweighs the reward. If I am going to chance getting hurt, then I would rather focus on my old flips and layback airs.
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: : : Excellent! I particularly liked the stalls at 2:03 & 2:09. Too bad you did not get the falling down stumble on film. :P
: : : Two things that would be good to see you do : Carve the other direction and grind with both feet at the same time.
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: : : You have really upped yourself. Good skating.
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: : : : Ok, since you guys gave me a hard time about including skateboarders, I put this together. I did the famous Jay filming by putting the camera on the ground. This footage is from today, yesterday, and the other day.
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: : : : I just started skating this free park in Oceanside, which is the last run of the video. It is really fun once you get the hang of it. I am starting to air over the hip and it is pretty cool.
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: : : : I showed up this morning at 7:30 am and the place was full of Bikes. I start skating towards the flow section and trip over a crack on the sidewalk. I fell in front of everyone. I was pretty embarrassed. lol
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