Vertical Rollerskating


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I'd suggest strengthening the body now that you no longer have all the merchandise inside of you.

Isometric, weights, etc... Then, go skate ramps.

But, if you can't be stopped, be careful.


: Hey everyone, my arm is 100% healed, I can do anything now the Dr. said. So far I still have insurance.
: My kiddie skatepark opens today across the street. Think a few mild flat wooden ramps in an outdoor/asphalt park would be OK or the tiny 4 1/2 foot entry smooth concrete bowl at Greenbelt? I know, I'm freakin nuts. But its as strong as it was before I broke it and if I can, I want to just roll a little incline while I'm still covered. I have no common sense lol.
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  • claudine: 100%!!!! (27. Mar. 2009 16:29)
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