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frontstance falling forward
It really depends on the fall. But, try to never fall to your hands unless you have to do so. Always fall to your elbow pads when you can. And even better, fall to knee pads at the same time. You'll slide around feeling like a turtle, but you'll be safe.

On the odd occasion you pitch forward while twisting, slide on your shorts. You'll rip them up, but your bum can take more punishment than your arm. Just wear thick shorts.

Also, I try to never fall to my hands. If I use them at all, it is more like a slap or push to get my body onto my pads. NEVER stiff arm the ramp / ground. You'll break an arm that way. Always have your elbows bent when you have to use that arm!


: Sorry if this is another lame question, but coming down a ramp, if I fall forward, is it best to land on elbows first like I did or should I try to twist to roll over my shoulder like the unicyclists do? Or is that only good on flat ground?
: One more question. I'm not digging the short glove. Think taking the rigid rear support would make the hired hands OK? I'm not going to land on them really, but otherwise if I touch the ground, my skin scraps off easily off my knuckles. Seems like that would prevent extreme hyperextension w/out the rigid guard pushing on the bones. I feel like a dork now getting the PD if they wont work well on the ramps. I guess they are good for street or no?
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