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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Holger Sander at the RhEINKULTUR Vert Jam in Bonn
: I skated with Holger some years ago in Deusto (north coast of Spain) and I would like to say one thing that I'm not really sure if you have understood. the thing is that his feet are positioned in a 45 angle over the plates.

I will soon create a page with pictures of Holger. One of the pics shows the skates to make visually clear what you say.

: Another thing I would like to say. He is not the only one rollerskater who is still skating. I practice every week. rollerskating is more alive than it seems.

He really isn't the only one. I myself am still skating (but nowhere as good as Holger), Daniel is still skating, Ollie is still skating and he told us that Martin Broich is still skating (yeah!). Baschi Bender skates sometimes and I hope more of the Freiburg scene will eventually be skating again.

And those are just some German skaters! in this forum you have met quite some more skaters from all over the world. Get your skates on and have some fun!

: I love this forum.

Thank you very much. I would never have believed that so many roller skaters would evetually show up here. I'm very happy about that.
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