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Rolled the bowl!
I went to the little bowl. I spent 5 mins running up the ramp part and jumping around to slide down on my knees, leaning back. Once I was comfortable with that I rolled inside the bowl. Then 15 mins later dropped in in the 4 1/2 foot roll in area and started carving. I made sure my skates never left more then 6 inches from the concrete. Didnt fall once! It was fun. Wanted to do some tricks but I cant for awhile. I think I could just roll around in this little bowl safely. I didnt pump really hard or go above 5 feet so if I fell, nothing would happen. Was awesome feeling riding the bowl again!!!! If I can, I will get a little video if my friends around and no bad news in the mail this Friday. Nothing exciting except I have not a single video of me doing anything in the bowl. So I want something......
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