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Friday my wife's having our Baby.
Extra CONGRATS bro!!!! I'm so excited for you. Please get pics and post the happy tired daddy pic with the little new one. Hey, news is news. There are some tiny boots out there. Maybe he will learn to roll before he walks lol. You can get one of those little buggy things to start rolling him around. I obviously never stopped loving that feeling!

Dont fret over being born early. The technology they have nowadays is amazing. Even 2 lbers make it healthy. Keep positive and be happy, your kid will turn out amazing!! Congrats on being a daddy!! I'll think of you as I'm praying for sunshine. ;-D

: It's kinda weird to know in advance, but now I do. It's also a little scary because our son's a little on the skinny side. That's why he's being born this Friday. He's not gaining enough weight in the womb, the Doctor thinks that he'll gain weight more rapidly being born & getting onto the Milk.
: So, instead of her projected due date of 4/24, Ryder will be Born on 4/03....unless my wife's in Labor for over 18 hours which I don't think her Dr. will let happen.
: I don't want anyone to be Alarmed. Friday Dawn will be 37 weeks & the Dr. says that's Full-Term. So, he won't need special respirators or tubes, he'll be able to come home from hospital with Dawn in 2 or 3 days. Assuming no complications. He just needs to bulk up some.
: I know this isn't rollerskating news per se, but what the Hell. Who else do I 'talk' to? LOL! And indirectly, it IS rollerskate News: a new little vert skater is about to enter the World! I hope. :)
: PEACE........................Jay
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