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Nelo (pictures by Nelo)
skate video
: Just wondering if any body out thair knows of any agresive quad rollerskate videos ? And what your thouts are on makeing and marketing one. Thanks mike

A friend of mine have the "Eight Wheels Show One" and the "Air Attack" recorded in the same tape. It's VHS PAL system. If I finally get the video from him I will try to put it on DVD. I will keep the forum informed.

There's also a special video that I have seen and that I don't know were is now. It's a home video recorded by Francisco Burgos at the World Cup 90 in Münster. It has some images of the rollerskaters that skated there (as well as the spanish skaters that travelled to the contest then). The most impressive thing of the video is the moment when Brian Wainwright twisted his knee in the middle of a round. It was the thing that allowed Marcos Longares to become the winner of that contest. If I can get this video again I will try to put all this stuff together into the same DVD.
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