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joe90 (videos by joe90) (pictures by joe90)
Made some progress today
Top stuff Robert.I love layback airs.I hav'nt pulled any millers this time round either,maybe one day.Keep on ripping and posting footage too.

cheers joe

: Well, after spending about 4 hours on the vert ramp today I was finally able to re learn my layback airs. I must have bailed about 15 times before I made my first one. I continued to do at least ten more and they felt exactly the same as the old days. In the last week I have gotten back my footplants and layback airs on vert. A typical run used to be a layback air, then footplant and then back flip. Today I tried two back flips, which were pretty good, but I landed too low. Unfortunately, I hurt my shoulder pretty badly on my last fall. Right now my back is starting to hurt real bad so I will have to see what the damage is in a few days.
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