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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Thanks for all the Love, how 'bout some skating pics & vids! Here's what've got....

1st let me say thanks to everybody for all their kind words about my youngest son, Ryder. We love him fiercely. Everybody is so creative & cool, I really feel lucky to be able to reach out to you all in your little parts of the world & connect on so many issues. Sorry, if I'm mushy, but no more than 12 hours of sleep in the last 100 hours & I'm feeling the Love.
Now, onto Skating.
The weekend before last weekend my good friends PITA (a roller derby legend & transition skating demon) & her very cool husband Todd came out to Vegas for a Derby event. Dawn & I got together with them for their Derby event & the next day we all got together on our side of Town & hit 2 local parks.
Now, I know when I speak of RollerCon, the concept's a little vague. Basically, PITA is the epitome of what I'm trying to do with the RC SK8 Park Tour: expose (& get them addicted) to park/transition/vertical rollerskating. These girls already rollerskate AND they're generally Bad-Ass Bitches. Pardon my language, I mean it as a compliment. :)
I submit to PITA. I have chosen her to be this year's RollerCon SK8 Park Tour Flyer Girl. And the footage from that weekend was only supposed to be preliminary, but now may well be the Flyer material.
First the video clips.....
This park is literally 2 blocks from my house. It's called Silverado Ranch SK8 Park. I hated it...until I got my new SK8s & started learning truck grinds. After putting on my HMWP sliders I liked it even more. Anyway, here's PITA (which by the way is an acronym meaning Pain In The Ass! see why I LOVE this giel?!?!) doing some Aerials on a 4 foot 1/4 pipe wall:

Here's me getting warmed up & (eventually) both trucks onto a the way love the kid on the Razor Scooter, huh?LOL!:

These 2 pics are my favs for the Flyer:
Choice 1:
PITA Poster Option #1
I like this one because you can see both of her SK8s.
Here's Choice 2:
PITA Poster Option #2
I like this one because it looks a little bit more outta control. I welcome everybody's comments on which they prefer & why.
Here's one of me doing my Mike Vallely Front-Side Boneless:
Jay Front-Side Boneless.Mike V Style
Oh here's PITA & doing a "Face-Off" pose @ Silverado Ranch:
Jay & PITA "Face-Off" at Silverado Ranch SK8 Park!

This other park is about 3/4 mile (1km) from my house in the other direction. It's Called Duck Creek SK8 Park.
Here's PITA doing a full "lap" run. This park has 4-5 foot tall 1/4 pipes ringing the entire park & is actually pretty fun for as small as it is. Anyway, here's PITA:

Here's me getting onto this rail (with only 1 SK8) & freaking out my very pregnant wife who was filming it....that's why she cut off film so fast. She was Pissed! Ooops!

This Duck Creek park has a Skate path ringing it that actually has rollerskates inlaid in the concrete about every 50 yards so you know we had to pose for some pics with that! Here are a few:

Jay & PITA's SK8s with SK8 Inlay

Jay & PITA posing with RollerSK8 Inlay Concrete Path

Anyway, if RC SK8 Park Tour netted me even ONE PITA per year, it's MORE than worth all my time!
Gotta go change my baby! Later!

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