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Proto type adjustments
: : Nice tools!
: **Thanks! **
: :What type of tool and what is it put on for the holes in the UHMW?
: ** I used a wood bore bit to make the inset holes in the UHMW. I used roller skate mounting bolts and nuts to attach the UHMW to the skis. **
: : What did you use to take off the edges?
: ** I used a router & router table. I used a chamfer bit. **
: I wish I knew about the ski option back when I did mine. I'm sure those ride smoother and are lighter too!
: ** Without the boots or skate trucks attached, it weighs 11 ounces. With them attached each skate weighs 4.8 pounds. They ride really nicely! **

I need more tools lol! My skates are 4 lbs. 5 ounces. Somehow they gained 2 ounces lol. I guess it was the stoppers but I love em!
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