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h.ludi (pictures by h.ludi)
holy cow!
: I joined the skatepark and dropped in the small halfpipe. It was easy peasy. I have on the small soft rainskate wheels too. But I pop over the coping without really even pushing. It kinda scared me. I ended up doing 2 stalls and one grab because I had a lot of time over the coping. But when I see it I kinda start straightening my legs to slow down and lift my legs so I do hit it. I would like to try grinds even but I think I'm going too fast over the coping. I am not sure if my legs are super strong now from the uni/biking or why I'm going so fast.
: I guess you just slightly lift your skates and ride it like theres a ramp there? I'm not used to going over the coping like that, thats all. I had fun!
: I asked them. Rollerskates are not really allowed but they allowed me to join but unis are out. And BMXs are aloud. Doesnt make sense.... I thought it would be fun to ride my uni over the boxes too lol.

good stuff, ill bet that felt great.
just remember to be steady eddie and dont rush it.
cheers, h .
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