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Annual meeting?
I am also very much in favour of a meeting of vertical roller skaters. What fun that would be! Hot LaWa is a possibility since we explicitly invite roller skaters to participate (we had to put Daniel with the inliners because a starter group of one wouldn't have made muich sense). Probably the Green Ramp Jam will take place again next year. Roller skaters are welcome there, too.

Indoor spots have become very rare. The skate factory in Essen is still there. I haven't been there but it must be a great place.

: Salve!
: Maybe we can choose a weekend for the next year to celebrate a vert rollerskating meeting. I know that deciding "when and where" are really two problems. As I live in Spain, I think the better momment to do that would be within the first 15 days of august (due to the summer holiday). The place would also be a problem. For the european rollerskaters, maybe an Indoor skatepark in Germay, Switzerland or France would be nice.
: It's only an idea. The fact is that I'm sick of rollerskating alone. The Hot La Wa contest is a good excuse, but I think that most of us are still working in June. The possibility of a rainy contest is another thing that scares me in an eventual trip.
: What you think?
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