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Skate Set-Ups
: I'm curious as to what rollerskaters like us are riding. Being that we can't just go buy what we'd like to ride, what have we created that is functional? And can we modify and develop a rollerskate that suits the needs of every rider?
: Question: What would you change/fix (if you could) on your skates? Any trick that can't be done because of your setup?

Very good question, Irene! My set-up can be seen in the page "How to build a vertical rollerskate" on this site. I have changed one thing: I was able to buy some bigger wheels in Lausanne from Starway (Kryptonics Shadows). I am so glad to have the bigger wheels because the smaller ones (which I won at a contest in Mannheim some 10 years ago) just didn't work.

What I would change: I would like to have boots that aren't as rigid as the ones I have. They are very comfortable but not flexible. I would also change the way my rails are mounted. To tighten (or to replace) the rails, I have to dismantle the whole set-up. Quite annoying.

Nice shot of your skates, btw!
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