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New Video......finally.
: : I thought you were gonna trim down your sliders (too wide). I like the alley-oops over the hip...rad!
: I'll trim them down when I make my next prototype. I'm actually starting to get the hang of them (as they are now). I'd like to take off maybe an inch at most when I redo it. To redo them now would be a painstaking process since they are bolted and glued, though the glue would most likely be easy to separate with the slider section.
: Thanks! I love alley oops, but I feel a bit rusty at them right now. I'm not getting the height I want. But, I know it'll come as I get back into form. I'm starting to also learn tricks carving to the right. I normally always carve to the left. (Old habit from the days of skating in a rink I'm guessing)

Makes sense for you, a Goofy skater. I carve to the right for that trick over hips and have been making a few to slides on the mini. Going the other way is blind and scarier
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