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uni on roids lol
I seem to like things big! The uni thing is seriously getting my legs strong for skating. My legs have never been this strong. This one is really heavy so takes lots of strength but soon will have a slick fat tire on it and it's fast! I will put short cranks on when I"m better to go even faster. I will have to get a video of me on it as its bigger then me lol. I might need a smaller seat but this one has a tube for handlebar. I'm not so good on the big one yet as its harder to control. But just got it. How do you guys set up a camera as I want some of me skating too? Just plop it on the tri-pod? I'm a happy girl being healthy again!! I want to get it on film,

I'm almost done fixing up my bikes too. And almost done with school!!!!!! I might have a full time job soon and worried I wont be able to skate much since I might work from 11-8. But between 9-10 am I could afford to drive down to the bowl in the morning. ;-D Pray I get the job! As much as I want to skate daily, I need full time work. Weekends I will get off early and 2 days off a week to skate. I'm ready. Its been raining all week here and dying to skate but it will stop soon. I will get a video of me soon in the little bowl but it wont be exciting as I want to get back over a month or 2. My arm keeps getting stronger too!! I'm enjoying all my sports.
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