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: : : : You both have my sympathies.
: : :
: : : Sunday is the last day of rain! :-D
: : :
: : : At least with the unicycle I can ride it between rain storms. But until I get better shoes and pedals with pins, I have slipped off the pedals. Cant wait til a day of sunshine!! Ever since I joined the skatepark, either I was working inventory and then it started to rain non stop.
: :
: : I keep going out in between rain storms, but got caught twice so far. I hope my bearings aren't rusting into stone. Good thing the Financial Center is so swanky, that they have plastic bags for your wet umbrellas as you enter, so I used it to keep my board dry on the walk home. It looks risky again this afternoon and tomorrow too.... blah and yuck.
: Ha ha. Sunny here! :D

Shut up Biff! lol.

Today I dont think it rained much but I worked the full day then went straight to my friends office to work on my drawings due for exams next week. By the time I got home, its almost 11 pm. I need to study but researching helmet lights so I can have fun all hours day or night lol.

I'm dropping out of school. I'm gonna look for a 9-5 (or earlier) job, in the meantime, 1 week and I'll be outside non stop! Yes, got a gear award for selling so maybe get a nice light for the summer months or long days I cant get some sunshine. Figured out the key to happiness is WHEELS lol.
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