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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
SoCal Trip Last Weekend.
: Thanks for the pics and the film. It looks like someone needs to transfer from the bowl into the clover or vice versa!! I'm psyched to see if it is possible.....maybe I'll just have to come there and do it myself! :)
: Hey, when that RollerCon comes, Holly wants to know if there is an agenda....list of events for us. Do you, or will you, have a line up of locations, dates, & times of where we'll be skating? Also, she wants to know if there will be any other RollerCon stuff that isn't just roller derby.
: Cheers!
: Biff

Hey Biff,
I've been awaiting my graphics artist guy for over 2 weeks now on this year's RC SK8 Park Flyer. Artists! But I do have that info for you.
Wed 7/29- Mountain Ridge SK8 Park 7151 Oso Blanca, LV,NV.89149 8pm -10pm
Thurs. 7/30- W.Wayne Bunker 7351 W.Alexander,LV,NV.89129 8pm-10pm
Fri 7/31- Hollywood SK8 Park 1650 S.Hollywood Blvd. LV,NV 89129 8pm -10pm (This place is killer. Full-Pipe, couple of pools. Nice.)
Sat 8/1 Area 702 Indoor SK8 Park 3040 Simmons, NLV,NV. 89032. (This place ALSO Killer.Indoor Vert Ramp, Bowl, Mini-Vert. And did I mention???Indoors??) Check them out @
Also, I've rented the facility for our EXCLUSIVE use for that evening. That means we can find lines we wouldn't normally AND start drinking liquor earlier.This will be from 8pm til ??? And my vote for best session of the whole RollerCon already.
Sun 8/2- Duck Creek SK8 Park 8650 Pollock, LV, NV 89123 8pm-10pm

Bear in mind, most of these parks are picked with the more novice level skater in mind.
However, the Thursday night park is located less than 1/4 mile from the only (& quite killer) private pool, well pools actually, that I'm aware of in Vegas. The Big Dogs will session there after the SK8 Park.
There's ALL kinds of things going on @ the IP (Imperial Palace) that aren't strictly derby. Mostly drinking & pool. But it's Sin City. You can pretty much do what you want, when you want.
Oh..I like Girls too, Bud! :)
Happy Mother's Day to Holly from the Cloetens Clan!!!
: : Hi Everybody.
: : Hope everyone's having a great weekend. I know I did last weekend. I got to SK8 with the Dying Breed crew last Saturday.
: : Dawn & I took our 1st road trip with Ryder to SoCal. It was a Blast. As usual it was too brief, but altogether worth it.
: : Unfortunately, I had some unknown issue with the video function on my camera during our session after capturing this killer clip of Brother Duke doing a Front-Side aerial in Santa Monica's The Cove's 12 foot pool:
: :
: :Ąt=DukeFSAerialsatTheCove.flv
: :
: : After that Duke noticed the problem with the video image while trying to film me. So here are just a couple of still shots I got.
: : Duke's favorite picture from this session was this one:
: :
: : Duke Rennie
: :
: : I really like that one, but this one is also killer:
: : My Fav Pic of this Session
: : The astute observer will note Desi Jones looking on in both these pictures.
: :
: : Here's a sequence that I LOVE! I don't know if it's because I'ma parallel skater & just can't do them or what, but I LOVE lay-backs. Here's Lee Ettinger showing how it's done.
: :
: : Lee Ettinger Getting into a Lay-Back
: :
: : Lee into Lay-Back
: :
: : Lee Ettinger
: :
: : Lee about to ride away from Lay-Back
: :
: : Now, I'm not sure if this'll work, but I'm trying to embed this video of me that Lee compiled on Flick'r for me. Keep you fingers crossed. You all know I'm a techno-feeb.....
: :
: :
: :
: : Sorry no video or pics Des this trip. Trust me, he was destroying that pool. In fact, Des wanted to go to Culver City Sunday morning. They have a really nice clover bowl that I've posted here before. But with the baby there wasn't time.
: : well, hope you guys like this. i'm going to SK8 Vert today. :) but probably won't capture any images or video without Dawnie going.......
: : Everybody enjoy your weekend! Keep Rolling!!
: : PEACE.................Jay
: :
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