Vertical Rollerskating


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h.ludi. (pictures by h.ludi.)
Downhill Malaga-Spain
: I would do that but I like to have my limbs in one piece. I wish I could pop on new ones like Mr. Potato head lol.
: : : that looks fun, but scary.
: :
: : Someday in the near future, I have got to plan a vacation to meet up with you guys in Spain! I want to get a shirt that says :
: :
: : "I skated the Higuerón and lived!"
: :
: : Btw, that stretching session at the top had me laughing....I think it is because I've never seen that many skaters stretching. LOL! I also noticed that your group is using more cameras now for your videos. Good job putting them all together. I especially like the audio of skaters making a turn. That sound of wheel against pavement at high speed gets my blood pumping.
: :
: : Cheers!
: : Biff
gutsy effort, my hats off to you guys.
we longboard hills like that from time to time, but i havent bombed a hill on skates since i was 15.
might look at building some downhill skates.
the armour looks like a smart idea too.
keep it up, cheers, harry.
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