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claudine (videos by claudine) (pictures by claudine)
mini ramp Ojen-Malaga
: : New video of miniramp in Malaga.
: :
: : Respect!!!!!!
: Fantastic!!! I just got some ideas for some different grinds and slides from watching you guys.
: Respect!
: Biff

Really nice! Since there are only small ramps here local, decided I'll just focus mostly on getting the lip tricks. No big bowls to roll nearby. Got a touch of progress today but still tight in my legs for some reason. But the small ramps are easy on the body I found out so I should loosen up soon I hope and get a real video up later this summer! Promise!! But without incident first. Any hints on getting the grinds on ramps that arent long at all? I think mine is not much more then 6 feet wide.
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