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I like this ramp...
: : : I love you clomping back up the stairs to turn off the camera! LOL! What do you call that karate kick-out over the coping? An 'Irene Chang Chop'? Keep the vids coming.
: : :
: : : I might have a new one soon as well. However, since my son is the director and producerof our films for every Monday Night Skate session, the film might star a lot of inliners.
: :
: : "KungFu Fighting"
: : I have ideas for a frontside air called the "Buddha"
: :
: : Ask your son to create a spotlight section just for you, since you're the only rollerskater in the group. He does a fantastic job all around.
: The "Buddha"..sounds..great!
: My..son..says.."Thanks!"...And..I..get..spotlight..

my thoughts along the lines of a spotlight of you within the main of inlining somewhere in the vid. maybe small talk about grinds and little tidbits, etc. just to mix it up some.... can't wait to see the next production!
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