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protective gear - Post your pads
OK. Here are my pads.

The current set-up. Including a Brand-New Set of Knee-Pads I'm saving for RC!

My Pads 1

Here's all the same with my old Helmet & the Rector Elbow pads that I've used for 15+ years.

My Pads with old rectors & Helmet too

Now the astute observer will notice that I use the Butterfly Knee pads. I like those so I can take them off or just open them between runs & let my knees breathe/dry.
I also am religious about my Harbinger WristWrap wristguards. I have OLD extra wide inserts I use for these that cover my lower palm & help spread impact over larger area. I wouldn't skate without them.

Now, here's my other secret weapon. My under armor. These have saved my Ass?Hips?Thighs?TAILBONE!!! on more occasions than I can count!
Triple Eight Crash Pads

So the whole thing together:
Pads & Padded Shorts 2

I also include my 'Gorilla', not Duct, Tape in all my pad shots. That stuff is integral! Seriously. A couple layers over top of my SK8s every session keeps the leather on for years! Good Stuff. Go buy some. :)
Hope everybody's going to SK8 this weekend. I won't be. Recuperating from facial surgery. Had a Melanoma. Doesn't getting Old, Suck? :( Oh, well.
I've got some gruesome pics of that if anyone's interested. Not for the squeemish though.
Well, PEACE Out, Y'all!

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