Vertical Rollerskating


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biffsk8er (videos by biffsk8er) (pictures by biffsk8er)
Also, updated pic of skates
O.K., I'll have one tomorrow. Just a short. :)

: Oh Biff, you just started NOW with skateboard wheels lol? Those are like night and day. Rollerskate wheels suck on ramps. So now you will skate better, cool, cant wait to see the new vids! ;-D
: : Also, I painted the wood blocks on my skates, and I had to add two screws into one of them, since the block cracked. Otherwise, the new set up is working fantastically!
: :
: : Also, I'm posting pics of them. I'm trying out different photo enhancements to get the best shot. Bear with me as I might need to redo this photo altogether.
: :
: :
: :
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